Who We Are

The professionals of The Art and Science of Successful Planning are here to inspire success. We recognize that along with financial success comes increased responsibilities and complexity. This is why we provide a holistic approach to managing all aspects of our clients' financial situations, by doing so we can exploit the critical interdependencies among income and estate taxes, business overhead and employee labor burden, investments... both personal and business, as well as insurances, which are often times improperly coordinated. We recognize that our clients' individual financial needs and goals change over time, so we offer a spectrum of services.

  • Risk Management and Insurances
  • Investment Advisory Services, including Investment Management & Brokerage
  • Fee Only Financial Plans (Individual and Business)
  • Senior Care Planning (Medicare/Medicaid, LTCI, Annuities, Life Ins.)
  • Employee Benefits (Medical, Ancillary, Retirement Plans, Key-Person)
  • Business Planning (Continuation, Structure, Buy/Sell Arrangements)

Our clients financial goals may be met by helping them develop strategies designed to assist them in making the most of their money. Our services are designed so as to not discriminate, all though our wealth advisory division assists the "Soon-to-be-Affluent" (those individuals that have investment assets of $150,000 to $1,000,000), the Wealthy (those individuals whose investment assets exceed $5,000,000), individuals and their family members, as well as business entities. Our clients are typically individuals who seek unbiased advice with tailored recommendations. Our clients after-tax results may be improved especially with regard to investments, assistance with regard to the transfer of wealth to the next generation, providing protection of their wealth, and reduction of time spent overseeing their affairs and dealing with a multitude of advisors. We work with a number of other professional such Property and Casualty Insurers, Real Estate Brokers, Commercial and Residential Lenders, and Credit Repair Services, operating like a team to address clients' needs in a concerted manner. Our unique, holistic approach builds relationships with clients for the long-term. Our focus is on meeting each client's individualized needs starting with a personalized financial inventory and analysis. Then using sound financial principles as the basis of all our recommendations; our clients can rely on our guidance throughout their constantly evolving personal and business lifecycles.

The Art and Science of Successful Planning gives there clients confidence in a wide variety of areas helping them conserve valuable time and money. Business owners are offered an impressive array of services ranging from:

  • Business Structure & Analysis
  • Business Continuity/Succession Planning
  • Insurance Analysis & Brokerage
  • Employee Benefit Analysis & Brokerage
  • Qualified Retirement Plans (Defined Benefit, S.E.P, 401(k), Simple IRA, Profit Sharing, etc.)
  • Executive and/or Key Person Employment Compensation Arrangements
  • Corporate and Partnership Buy/Sell Planning
  • Non-Qualified Retirement Plans (Section 162 Bonus, Deferred Compensation, Split Dollar)
  • P.EO., H.R.O., and A.S.O Arrangements
  • Personal Wealth Advisory and Financial Planning for Owners and Executives
  • Referrals to Realtors, Lenders, and Credit Repair Services, which can also be conceived as an employee benefit (pre-screened & discounts negotiated)

Individuals are also offered the same array of services less the complexities of running the day-day affairs of a business.

Products and Services include:

  • Personalized (Fee Based) Financial Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Qualified and Non-Qualified Investment Management
  • Personalized Insurance Analysis (Life, Health & Disability Income)
  • College Education Planning (529 Trusts, College IRAs, UGMA/UTMA, Variable Annuities)
  • Retirement Planning
  • Mutual Funds, ETF's, Equities, Bonds, UITs, and LPs
  • Senior Lifestyle Planning (Medicare, Long-Term Care & Annuities)
  • Referrals for Real Estate (Investment Properties, High Rises, Pre-Contract Constuction), Lending (Commercial and Residential Mortgages) & Credit Repair Services

Full Service Fee Based Asset Management:

  • Asset Allocation Strategies: Global, Ultra-Speculative, Balanced, Multi-Disciplined, Theme Strategic, Age Weighted, Risk Tolerance Specific
  • Professional Portfolio Management & Research
  • Market Timing Services
  • Concentrated Positions
  • Wrap Accounts
  • Individual Equity Management
  • Tax-deferred Annuities (Variable, Equity Indexed, Fixed)

Our associates are dedicated to assisting employees with the boundless products and services in our offerings: Employees of our employer group clients gain access to valuable discounts that they would otherwise not afford or have the time to explore. Our successful business owner clients understand that discouraged or unhappy employees spell non-compliance, and can lead to disaster. Employee turnover, OSHA requirements, and workplace sensitive issues are inescapable leading to futile attempts to control Worker's Compensation Insurance costs, unemployment tax increases, and general productivity slow down. Unlike any other organization, our unique quality is that we've brought together a wide variety of services that enable the individuals and businesses we strive to serve along with their other advisors and constituencies to operate with less time constraints. They're able to turn their full attention to managing their lives and or companies that now offer a level of benefits, which in the past, were only available to large employers.

Products and Services include:

  • Business Consulting
  • Investment Management
  • Executive Benefits
  • Personal Financial Planning
  • Tax Strategies
  • Insurance Protection
  • Estate Planning
  • Business Exit Strategies